Simple and Fast Detection with Tracking

In the past few posts (see 1 and 2) we briefly described some details on how we estimated a ship’s position, using a single video. This post will further detail our simplistic approach to object detection and tracking for this application. If you haven’t read the previous posts, I strongly... [Read More]

Transforming coordinates from Blender to OpenCV

In our previous post about computer vision, we showed our pipeline to solve a specific problem, and it involved some steps inside Blender and others on OpenCV. Also, I mentioned that it was not something straightforward to go from one to the other. Here we will describe how we transposed... [Read More]

Ship Position Estimation from Video using OpenCV

Recently we jump into a challenge to explore a specific application of computer vision: how can we estimate a top-view position of a ship from a given video from a fixed perspective camera? After some work we found our way, reaching what seems to be a quite reasonable result. [Read More]