Transforming coordinates from Blender to OpenCV

In our previous post about computer vision, we showed our pipeline to solve a specific problem, and it involved some steps inside Blender and others on OpenCV. Also, I mentioned that it was not something straightforward to go from one to the other. Here we will describe how we transposed... [Read More]

Ship Position Estimation from Video using OpenCV

Recently we jump into a challenge to explore a specific application of computer vision: how can we estimate a top-view position of a ship from a given video from a fixed perspective camera? After some work we found our way, reaching what seems to be a quite reasonable result. [Read More]

HomeAssistant with Intelbras alarm panels

Intelbr├ís manufactures very popular alarm panels in Brazil market and some of them have network protocols that communicates with monitoring services through GPRS and Ethernet. Can we leverage this communication to use them in Home Automation systems? [Read More]